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Thursday October 30, 2014

To Do List: November

A selection of photographs featured in the SF Camerawork Benefit Auction.  Top row:  John Goodman, Klea McKenna, William Wegman.  Bottom row:  Herb Ritts, Alice Shaw, Alfredo Jaar.  Courtesy of SF Camerawork.

A selection of photographs featured in the SF Camerawork Benefit Auction. Top row: John Goodman, Klea McKenna, William Wegman. Bottom row: Herb Ritts, Alice Shaw, Alfredo Jaar. Courtesy of SF Camerawork.

Saturday, November 1st, 1 pm:  San Francisco Camerawork Benefit Auction. Founded in 1974, SF Camerawork’s mission is to encourage and support emerging artists to explore new directions and ideas in the photographic arts. Through exhibitions, publications, and educational programs, they strive to create an engaging platform for artistic exploration as well as community involvement and inquiry.  This annual benefit auction is a pivotal opportunity for the organization to raise critical dollars needed to support their dynamic programming.  With over 100 photographs available to bid on there’s a great selection to choose from. Advance tickets for $20 are available for purchase here.  The auction catalog may be viewed and downloaded electronically here.  SF Camerawork is located at 1011 Market Street, 2nd floor.



Robert Zhao Renhul, "Changi, Singapore" (detail) from the series "As We Walked on Water", 2010 - 12.  Courtesy Kadist Art Foundation and the artist.

Robert Zhao Renhul, “Changi, Singapore” (detail) from the series “As We Walked on Water”, 2010 – 12. Courtesy of the Kadist Art Foundation and the artist.

Ongoing to January 25, 2015:  Landscape: the virtual, the actual, the possible? exhibit at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA).  Organized by YBCA, Kadist Art Foundation, and the Guangdong Times Museum, this exhibit considers how the intersection of nature and technology shapes our current understanding and experience of landscape and gardens. Twenty-one artists examine two very distinct geographic and cultural environments — the utopian frontier of California, and the Pearl River Delta region in China. Through photography, video, painting and installation, the exhibition questions whether human activities have altered the geological ecology so extensively that a new form of nature is being created, both physically and metaphorically. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is located at 701 Mission Street.



Scenes from Concentrate 2013.  Courtesy of

Scenes from ‘Concentrate’, 2013. Courtesy of Shane O’Neill and SFAI.

Sunday, November 16th: 1 pm – 6 pm: SFAI Concentrate Annual Art Sale + Festival.  The San Francisco Art Institute opens its doors for an annual exhibition, sale, and festival, featuring art and craft by over 170 artists. The student art sale offers work in a variety of media including painting, drawing, collage, photography, printmaking, editioned artworks, crafts, sculpture, mixed media, video performance, fiber, adventurous gifts, and unexpected projects. Come to the legendary Chestnut Street campus for artist-driven experiences, discussions, connections, and activities for all ages.  The San Francisco Art Institute is located at 800 Chestnut Street.



Pamela Jorden, 'Ell' and 'Dove', 2014,

Pamela Jorden, ‘Ell’ and ‘Dove’, 2014, oil on linen.  Courtesy of Romer Young Gallery.

Ongoing to December 13th: Pamela Jorden, Monte Vista to Central at Romer Young Gallery.  This exhibit presents a new series of paintings that continue to engage in an experimental observation of the transitory nature of light and color. Jorden is interested in the movement of color, its optical phenomenon, and its transformative potential. In this new work, color is both material and physical. Using shaped canvases, she paints over raw linen surfaces, with pigment soaking into the weave of the fabric, resulting in beautiful almost sculptural paintings. Romer Young is located at 1240 22nd Street, gallery hours are Thurs – Sat 11 am – 5 pm.



Untitled, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Project and Pulse are only four of the many art fairs and events happening during Miami Art Week.

Untitled, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Project and Pulse are only four of the many art fairs and events happening during Miami Art Week.

December 2nd – 7th, Miami Art Week:  In December the art world descends on Miami with approximately twenty art fairs positioned in the area between Miami’s Wynwood Art District, Downtown Miami and Miami Beach. Art Basel Miami Beach – held at the Miami Beach Convention Center is the largest fair of the week, featuring more than 250 top galleries from around the world. As flights and accommodations fill up fast, now is the time to plan your visit!

Tuesday October 14, 2014

Group Tour of @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz


Our group before beginning the tour of Ai Weiwei’s site-specific installations on Alcatraz.  Photo courtesy of Janine Shiota

As part of our ongoing educational programming, we invited a group of our clients and colleagues on a guided tour of the exhibit @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz.   Our group was a diverse mix of design and architecture professionals, developers, collectors and curators.  As with our other events, we encourage a dialogue amongst our guests that enriches the experience of looking at and thinking about art.  This exhibit specifically brought up discussion around basic human rights, the role and responsibility of individuals to make social change, art in public places and the logistics of mounting an exhibit of this scale and international importance.


'With Wind', hand painted dragon kite install in the New Industries Building

‘With Wind’, a hand painted dragon kite installed in the New Industries Building, a location not typically open to Alcatraz visitors.

With Wind is a rendition of a traditional Chinese dragon kite and is meant to be a symbol for personal freedom. Ai Weiwei designed the imagery and then employed kite makers to fabricate the piece. The artwork features stylized renderings of birds and plants that are icons for nations with records of violating human rights and civil liberties.



Kerri discusses the binder of detained individuals featured in ‘Trace’.  Each portrait is made up of about 10,000 LEGO bricks.  Photo courtesy of Janin Shiota.

Trace gives the global phenomenon of political detainment a human face – or many faces. In portraits constructed from LEGO bricks, Ai represents more than 175 people from around the world who have been detained because of their beliefs or affiliations. The artist collaborated with Amnesty International and spent 7 months compiling the list of detainees. The people represented here are the same prisoners that you can write a postcard to later in the exhibit. In contrast to the ‘worst of the worst’ famous Alcatraz prisoners, the prisoners here are non-violent people who have lost their freedom for expressing ideas.



Detail view of ‘Refraction’ made with solar cookers from Tibet.

Refraction is based on the structure of a bird’s wing, expanded to imposing scale. The wing’s feathers are reflective panels used as solar cookers in Tibet, a region that has long struggled under Chinese rule. Like With Wind, this piece uses imagery of flight to evoke the tension between freedom and confinement. The sculpture’s enormous bulk and weight (more than 5 tons), along with it being installed on the lower level, emphasizes it as earthbound. Viewing it from the narrow gun gallery gives the visitor a position of authority, further illustrating it’s caged restriction. Also interspersed throughout the sculpture are pots and tea kettles, symbols of self preservation and basic human rights.



Tessa and Jody with members of the China Live team.  Photo courtesy of Janine Shiota.



‘Stay Tuned’ is installed in Cell Block A which was originally used for Conscientious Objectors during WWI.  Photo courtesy of Janine Shiota.

Stay Tuned is a sound installation featuring music, poetry, and spoken words by people who have been detained for the expression of their beliefs. Inside the cell the sounds of speech and singing create a powerful contrast to the isolation and enforced silence of imprisonment. From 1933-1937 Alcatraz was a silent prison and inmates would try to communicate through pipes and by leaving notes in library books. Ai has said ‘The most terrible thing about jail is not the treatment you receive, but the isolation.’



Porcelain flowers were custom made to fit, bathtubs, sinks and toilets in the installation ‘Blossom’.

Blossom transforms the utilitarian fixtures in several hospital ward cells and medical offices with fantastical, fragile porcelain bouquets. Like With Wind, this work draws on and transforms natural imagery as well as traditional Chinese arts. For Ai, flowers are a universal symbol for both freedom and remembrance. In 1956 during the Hundred Flowers Campaign the Communist Party of China encouraged citizens to openly express their opinions (let a hundred flowers bloom) which became a means of entrapment for ‘enemies of state’. Ai created the #aiflowers Twitter hashtag and invited people everywhere to make paper flowers memorializing children killed in the 2008 earthquake. Beginning in 2013, Ai puts fresh flowers everyday in his bike basket outside his Beijing studio until he gets his passport back. Fitting the bouquets into the sinks, tubs, and toilets references self-preservation, cleanliness and basic human rights. Also of note is when Ai’s family was in exile, his father was forced to scrub toilets.



Pre-addressed postcards to prisoners featuring flora or fauna of their homeland are available for visitors.  Photo courtesy of Janine Shiota.

Yours Truly aims to encourage a global conversation, letting prisoners of conscience know that they are not forgotten. You are invited to choose a postcard addressed to an individual prisoner and write any message you wish. The postcards are addressed to the same prisoners featured in Trace, there is a binder with their stories on the table. Every evening @Large volunteers collect the postcards and mail them. With this piece Ai further promotes communication. Ai says that this piece, along with Stay Tuned, are most closely related to his experience of being incarcerated and his isolation from communication.


Discussion continues on our ferry ride back to San Francisco.

Discussion continues on our ferry ride back to San Francisco.  Photo courtesy of Janine Shiota.


Wednesday October 1, 2014

To Do List: October


‘Shoebox Orchestra’ installation view. Courtesy of Ampersand International Gallery.

Ongoing through November 14th – Shoebox Orchestra at Ampersand International Gallery: Shoebox Orchestra marks the reopening of the Ampersand International Gallery under the direction of  Theodora Mauro. The exhibition looks at the lasting impact Ampersand has had in the Bay Area arts community through the work of artists who were included in past shows including Lauren Davies, Lori Gordon, Amanda Hughen, Jeff Morris, Sarah Smith, Andy Vogt, and Arngunnur Yr. The gallery is open Thursdays and Fridays from 12 pm to 5 pm and by appointment. Ampersand International Arts is located at 1001 Tennessee St, San Francisco.


Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.49.48 AM

William Swanson, ‘Sunburst Radiant’, 2014, acrylic on panel. Courtesy of Eleanor Harwood Gallery.

Ongoing through November 1st – William Swanson: Subsurface Continuum at Eleanor Harwood GalleryWilliam Swanson’s new paintings use a variety of methods of mark making to depict manipulations of terrain and architecture. The work explores the collapse of time on a geologic scale through forms and shapes generated by his discoveries in the topography of the paint. The gallery is open Thursday through Saturday from 1 pm to 6 pm and by appointment.  Eleanor Harwood Gallery is located at 1295 Alabama St, San Francisco.



Ying Zhu, ‘No strings attached’, 2012

Ongoing through November 21st – Yinghua Zhu at Headlands Center for the Arts Project Space: As part of the Headlands Center’s Artists in Residence Program, Project Space features artists whose work is designed to be socially engaging. Yinghua Zhu  seeks to evoke a sense of “searching” by creating site-specific installations in which she alters commonly understood space and objects, causing viewers to question physical functions that are often taken for granted. Project Space is open Sunday through Thursday from 12 pm to 5 pm. The Headlands Center for the Arts is located at 944 Simmonds Rd, Sausalito.




Clockwise from top left: Amy Ellingson, ‘Apparent Reflectional Symmetry, Study #2′, 2014, oil and encaustic on panel. Mari Andrews, ‘Pnutnut’, 2005, wire, gampi paper, and pod. Lisa Soloman, ‘doily dots [yellow and grey]’, 2014, hard colored (watercolor) letterpress print and thread. Kara Maria, ‘Palette Painting #134′, 2010, acrylic on paper. Courtesy of the San Jose ICA.

Saturday October 11th – San Jose ICA 34th Annual Art Auction Silent Auction Party, 6PM: The 2014 ICA Auction Exhibition will be on view at the museum from September 27th to October 25th and includes a variety of events featuring work by over 200 contemporary artists from throughout the country and around the world. The Silent Auction Party is a great opportunity to view and purchase available work, proceeds go to help support the museum. Admission to the auction party is free, find a full list of events here and a preview of art work that will be for sale can be found here.  The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art is located at 560 South First Street, San Jose.



Scenes from past Root Division Auctions. Courtesy of Root Division.

Thursday, October 23rd – Root Division’s 13th Annual Art Auction, 7PM:  This year’s Root Division Art Auction will feature work from over 100 established and emerging Bay Area artists. Root Division is a community arts and education organization and proceeds from the event directly benefit local artists, free art classes for Bay Area youth, and the continuation of Root Division’s unique model for keeping artists in San Francisco. A VIP Preview will be held at 6:00 PM followed by a silent and live auction later in the evening, tickets and more information can be found hereRoot Division’s Pop-UP is located at 1059 Market St, San Francisco.



Selections from Kalassal 2013. Courtesy of Kala Institute of Art.

Thursday, October 23rd – Kalassal, Kala’s Annual Half-Off Art Sale & Fall Fundraiser, 6 PM: For the first time ever Kala Art Institute’s annual half-off fundraiser KALASSAL and the Artists’ Annual Exhibition will open on the same night. Proceeds from the fundraiser allow Kala to help artists sustain their creative work over time through its Artist-in-Residence and Fellowship Programs, and to engage the community through exhibitions, public programs, and education. A Members Preview will be held at 5:00 PM followed by an opening party, admission to the event is free.  There will be additional viewing times on Friday and Saturday as well as a free Family Art Making Day on Saturday. Kala is located at 2990 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley.


New York Fall Exhibitions

While in New York for client meetings, we had the opportunity to visit the many recently opened exhibits.  We’re happy to share these highlights.

Monika Sosnowska's 'Tower' installation inspired by Mies van der Rohe's International Style, measuring approximately 110 feet in length.

Monika Sosnowska’s ‘Tower’ painted steel installation at Hauser & Wirth Gallery.   Inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s architectural movement  ‘International Style’, the piece measures approximately 110 feet in length, stretching and curving across the gallery space


Douglas Melini, 'Untitled' 2014, acrylic and oil on canvas with hand-painted frames at Eleven Rivington Gallery.

Douglas Melini, ‘Untitled’, 2014  acrylic and oil on canvas with hand-painted frames at Eleven Rivington Gallery.


Ed Ruscha, 'Honey I twisted Through More Damn Traffic Today', public art mural adjacent to the High Line at West 22nd Street. Photo courtesy of

Ed Ruscha, ‘Honey I twisted Through More Damn Traffic Today’, public art mural adjacent to the High Line at West 22nd Street. Photo courtesy of


Prune Nourry "Terracotta Daughters' at the China Institue. The exhibition features 108 life-sized and individually crafted clay female sculptures that recall China’s famous Terracotta Warriors.

Prune Nourry ‘Terracotta Daughters’ at the China Institute. The exhibition features 108 life-sized and individually crafted clay female sculptures that recall China’s famous Terracotta Warriors.


Nick Cave 'Rescue' exhibition view at Jack Shainman Gallery, 524 West 24th Street location.

Nick Cave ‘Rescue’ exhibition view at Jack Shainman Gallery, 524 West 24th Street location.

Nick Cave, detail of the large-scale wall based bas reliefs dripping with crystals, beads and metal flowers.

Nick Cave, detail of the large-scale wall based bas reliefs dripping with crystals, beads and metal flowers.


Not Vital 'Everton' exhibtition views.

Not Vital ‘Everton’ exhibtition views at Sperone Westwater Gallery. Vital created a series of stainless steel sculptures as well as related drawings.  These ‘Heads’ are all of a monochromatic palette, ranging from 4.5 to 6.2 feet in height, are pared down to simple contours.


Jacob Hashimoto at Mary Boone Gallery.

Jacob Hashimoto ‘A Century or Two of Sleep’, 2014 acrylic, paper/Dacron, wood at Mary Boone Gallery.

Jacob Hashimoto 'Skyfarm Fortress' installation view at Mary Boone Gallery.

Jacob Hashimoto ‘Skyfarm Fortress’, 2014 bamboo and kite installation at Mary Boone Gallery.


Caleb Charland 'Artifact 1601', 2014, Charland transforms blank, unexposed sheets of silver gelatin paper into handworked, tactile abstractions. Using a red candle, Charland drips wax onto sheets of paper.  As the flame burns and exposes the paper, drops of wax fall onto the emulsion. Like the red light in a darkroom, the red wax becomes a small filter, preventing further exposure by the flame. Once Charland achieves his desired pattern of drips he begins the development process.

Caleb Charland ‘Artifact 1601′, 2014, alternative process photography at Sasha Wolf Gallery.  Using a red candle, Charland drips wax onto sheets of paper. As the flame burns and exposes the paper, drops of wax fall onto the emulsion. Like the red light in a darkroom, the red wax becomes a small filter, preventing further exposure by the flame. Once Charland achieves his desired pattern of drips he begins the development process.



Wednesday September 24, 2014

Artsource in Chicago

On this visit to Chicago we looked beyond the amazing public art in Millennium Park to visit gallery exhibits, a corporate collection and the international contemporary art fair EXPO Chicago on the Navy Pier.

Mickalene Thomas:  I was Born to do Great Things at Kavi Gupta Gallery


Gallery installation view. Photo courtesy of

I was born to do great things are the quoted words of Sandra Bush, Mickalene Thomas’s late mother, a statement that speaks for both the dynamic life that she lived as well as her influence and inspiration on Thomas’s artistic practice as her longtime muse. Bush has been prominent as a subject in Thomas’s works over the past 14 years, inspiring her examinations of identity and style through her magnetic personality and undeniable presence. This presentation of new work explores the personal story of the woman behind the inspiration. This is a story in celebration of womanhood, motherhood, and the power of art as a totem for personal memory, a story in celebration of Sandra. ~ Kavi Gupta Gallery

Gallery installation view.  Photo courtesy of

Gallery installation view. Photo courtesy of

Mickalene Thomas 'I was Born to do Great Things' acrylic on canvas

Mickalene Thomas ‘I was Born to do Great Things’ acrylic on canvas

Mickalene Thomas, 'Untitled', bronze

Mickalene Thomas, ‘Untitled’, bronze


Samantha Bittman: Razzle Dazzle at Andrew Rafacz Gallery.  Chicago artist Samantha Bittman created loom-woven textiles with thick acrylic painted surfaces, that are installed on site-specific custom wallpaper. Referencing the dazzle camouflage technique used on World War I naval ships, the exhibition incorporates bold patterns to confuse, not conceal, throwing texture to the viewer as a distraction from the underlying patterns in the woven surface below.


Samantha Bittman, ‘Razzle Dazzle’ Installation view


Samantha Bittman ‘Untitled’, 2014 acrylic on handwoven textiles


Carol Jackson:  High Plains Drifter at Threewalls Gallery  In this exhibition Jackson builds a car wreck emerging from the wall, mixed media prints, and archival prints from webcam stills of California Highways all inspired by John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost.  The artworks explore America’s fascination, romance and dependence on the automobile.

Carol Jackson 'High Plains Drifter' papier-mache installation.  Photo courtesy

Carol Jackson ‘High Plains Drifter’ papier-mache installation. Photo courtesy


Carol Jackson ‘High Plains Drifter’ installation at Threewalls Gallery

Carol Jackson, mixed media archival prints on Caltrans webcam stills.  Photo courtesy of

Carol Jackson, mixed media archival prints on Caltrans webcam stills. Photo courtesy of


Hank Willis Thomas:  Bench Marks presented by Monique Meloche Gallery’s Off the Wall project  Bench Marks is installed onto various public bus benches throughout Chicago’s Wicker Park Bucktown neighborhood. The installation includes a selection of images from three different bodies of the artist’s work, namely: Branded, Fair Warning and Strange Fruit.

Hank Willis Thomas. 'The Cotton Bowl' Photo: Jim Prinz, courtesy of the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery

Hank Willis Thomas ‘The Cotton Bowl’ 2011, installed at Ashland & Le Moyne.  Photo: Jim Prinz, courtesy of the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery

'Black Power from Branded'

Hank Willis Thomas ‘Black Power’ 2008, installed at Ashland & Blackhawk.  Photo: Jim Prinz, courtesy of the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery


EXPO Chicago Art Fair


Adam Helms, ‘Mnemosyne (Auto-Universum 1965-1978)’, 2012-2013, silkscreen felt on panel at Marianne Boesky Gallery



Scott Reeder, ‘Landlord Painting’, 2014, acrylic on canvas at Kavi Gupta Gallery



Jenny Kendler ‘Tell it to the Birds’ installation at the Natural Resources Defense Council booth.

Chicago artist Jenny Kendler has been chosen to be the founding participant in the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Artist-in-Residence program. Kendler’s works explore the intersections between human culture, perceptions of the natural world, and declining biodiversity.  For the NRDC EXPO Chicago booth, exhibit walls are covered in lichen-camouflage wallpaper and adorned with delicate sculptures of birds, which Kendler creates by altering and ‘rewilding’ vintage porcelain figurines. These intimate, yet uncanny sculptural works stand in for real-life bird species, threatened or endangered by environmental hazards like habitat loss, energy projects and climate change.


Jenny Kendler ‘Camoflage V’ 2013, vintage porcelain bird, styrofoam, glue, paperclay, acrylic, gold leaf.  Photo courtesy of




Gideon Rubin ‘Cardboards’, 2012-2014 installation of oil on linen and oil on cardboard paintings at Galerie Karsten Greve




Derrick Adams, ‘A Proper landing’, 2014 mixed media collage on paper at Rhona Hoffman Gallery



Thu Van Tran ‘Eruption’  plaster and wood at Meessen De Clercq



José Maria Sicilia, ‘El Instante’, 2014, etching ink on paper mounted to aluminum at Meessen De Clercq



Ana Cardoso, ‘Quarters; Fear of Commitment’, 2014 acrylic on linen and cotton at Longhouse Projects


Ana Cardoso, ‘Quarters; Casual Dating’, 2014, acrylic on linen and cotton at Longhouse Projects



Whitney Bedford, ‘Ships’, 2014, ink and oil on canvas on panel at Carrie Secrist Gallery


Jackie Saccoccio 'Profile (Roy II Convex), 2014, oil and mica on linen at Eleven Rivington Gallery

Jackie Saccoccio ‘Profile (Roy II Convex), 2014, oil and mica on linen at Eleven Rivington Gallery


Jackie Saccoccio ‘Portrait (Deception)’ and ‘Tequila Sunrise’, 2014, oil and mica on linen at Eleven Rivington Gallery


Firelei Baez 'Frenellos (aka new world order) 2014 acrylic and gouache on yupo paper at Richard Heller Gallery

Firelei Baez ‘Frenellos (aka new world order) 2014 acrylic and gouache on yupo paper at Richard Heller Gallery


Michelle Grabner 'Untitled' 2014, archival inkjet print at Anne Mosseri-Marlio Galerie

Michelle Grabner ‘Untitled’ 2014, archival inkjet print at Anne Mosseri-Marlio Galerie


Installation view of Michelle Grabner “Untitled’ 2014, archival ink-jet prints at Anne Mosseri-Marlio Galerie


Private Collection Visit

We try to take advantage of VIP programming at the art fairs we attend and visit private collections.  Collectors have such unique ways of engaging and living with art.  A visit to Richard Sandor’s collection at his Environmental Financial Products offices was a fascinating experience.  Mr. Sandor has been collecting photography for so long that his collection is broad and deep.  Sandor is known as the ‘father of carbon trading’ so you might expect that his collection has an environmental focus.  Of interest to us was the emerging work he has been buying in China for the last 10 years.  Sandor says the first thing he does when he gets off the plane is to go out and look at photography because it connects him to the culture in a more meaningful way than his meetings around economics and trade.


Mr. Sandor talks about one the emerging Chinese artists in his collection.


Xiang Xiaoli ‘Changing Models, No. 6′ color photograph



Monday September 15, 2014

Los Angeles Gallery Visits and Stas Orlavski at the Pasadena Museum

Artsource Consulting went to Los Angeles this weekend to check out the latest shows at some of L.A.’s top galleries and the opening of Stas Orlovski: Chimera at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.


Dario Robleto in 20 Years of ACME at ACME Gallery

‘Lyrics Search For the Sun (Study For)’ 2012 by Dario Robleto

photo 2

‘The Dismantled Sun’ 2012 by Dario Robleto


From All Sides: Tansaekhwa on Abstraction at Blum & Poe

photo 2 copy

‘From Line No. 78149′ (1978) by Lee Ufan

photo 3 copy 2

‘Untitled’ (1980) by Kwon Young-woo

‘Umber-Blue’ (1979) by Yun Hyongkeun


Doug Aitken: Still Life at Regen Projects


A solo show of new work from Matthew Ronay at Marc Foxx

photo 2 copy 3

Installation view of Matthew Ronay

photo 3 copy

Installation view of Matthew Ronay


Gary Hill’s familiar work Isolation Tank (previously viewed during ‘An Evening with Gary Hill’ at Artsource) in Augment this (Meditations on the Image) curated by Christopher Eamon at Cherry and Martin 


‘Isolation Tank’ (2010-11) by Gary Hill


Joe Reihsen: Aftermarket Interior, Factory Paint at Anat Ebgi Gallery

photo 1 copy 2

Joe Reihsen at Anat Ebgi

photo 2 copy 2

Detail view


Stas Orlovski: Chimera at the Pasadena Museum of California Art

photo 1 copy 5

Detail view of ‘Chimera’ (2014) by Stas Orlovski

photo 2 copy 4

Installation view of Chimera

Tuesday September 2, 2014

To Do List: September


Installation view of ‘Secondhand’ at Pier 24 Photography. Image courtesy of Pier 24 Photography.

Ongoing through May 2015 – Secondhand at Pier 24 Photography: Pier 24 Photography is an exhibition space devoted to photography, which hosts rotating exhibitions and houses The Pilara Foundation Collection.  Their current exhibit Secondhand is comprised of works that incorporate found photographs alongside selections from The Pilara Foundation Collection. Artists featured include Maurizio Anzeri, John Baldessari, Viktoria Binschtok, Melissa Catanese, Daniel Gordon, Erik Kessels, Mike Mandel, Matt Lipps, Richard Prince, Rashid Rana, Joachim Schmid, Larry Sultan, Hank Willis Thomas, and selections from the Archive of Modern Conflict. The exhibition is open Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm by appointment only, find out more information about visiting Pier 24 herePier 24 Photography is located on 24th Pier on The Embarcadero, San Francisco.



Ording_To Do

“No. 7 Violet”, “No. 1 Violet to Red”, “No.2 Red” all acrylic on dyed paper. Images courtesy of the artist.

Ongoing through September 12th – Kelly Ording: Reflection / Refraction at Luna Rienne Gallery: Reflection/Refraction is a solo show of new work by Kelly Ording. These new works on paper feature her characteristic geometric shapes on tea stained paper that are based on the spectrum of colors. Through a series of repetitive, hypnotic visual patterns Ording blends mathematics and art. The show features a colorful site specific 7-part installation. The gallery is open Thursday through Monday from 12 pm to 6 pm and Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment. Luna Rienne Gallery is located at 3318 22nd Street, San Francisco. 




Various Christine Lee objects made from recycled fiber board. Image courtesy of the Workshop Residence.

Saturday September 6th, 2 – 4pm – Christine Lee opening reception at The Workshop Residence: The Workshop Residence engages the worlds of craft, art and design by pairing visiting artists and designers with local fabricators to create beautiful, useful and affordable objects.  Current artist in residence Christine Lee is an interdisciplinary research artist, designer and lecturer with a creative practice characterized by an objective to reveal the latent potential of disregarded material. During her residency at The Workshop, she is developing products created from a patent pending non-toxic wood and recycled fiber composite board Christine developed in partnership with engineer John F. Hunt and the USDA Forest Service Forest Products LaboratoryThe Workshop Residence is located at 833 22nd St, San Francisco.




“Home Movies (Pause)” LEDs, metal, wire, custom electronics by Jim Campbell. Image courtesy of Hosfelt Gallery

September 6th – October 18th – Jim Campbell: New Work at Hosfelt Gallery:  Jim Campbell is a new-media pioneer and is considered one of the leading artists working today in this field. Campbell uses LED technology to create mesmerizing works that blend his engineering and film-making background.  New Work continues his examination of the liminal space of perception, where data becomes image and light becomes material.  The gallery is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm and Thursday from 11 am to 7 pm.  An opening reception for the show will be held on Saturday, September 6th from 4 to 6 pm. Hosfelt Gallery is located at 260 Utah St, San Francisco.




A famous self-portrait of Ai Weiwei shortly after he was arrested by the Chinese government. Image courtesy of the For-Site Foundation.

September 27th – April 26th – @Large: Ai Weiwei at Alcatraz: The internationally renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has created a site-specific exhibition on San Francisco’s island prison.  Because of his background as an activist and advocate for human rights in his native China, Alcatraz prison provides a particularly poignant background for this important exhibition. This project is made possible by the For-site Foundation, a San Francisco based non-profit dedicated to the creation, understanding, and presentation of public art that is about place. Visiting this exhibition requires buying ferry tickets to Alcatraz in advance. Find information on purchasing tickets and guided tours here.

Wednesday July 23, 2014

David Shrigley does Afternoon Tea at Sketch

Our London correspondent popped in to see the newest iteration of  Sketch, the London restaurant owned by Mourad Mazouz and Pierre Gagnaire. David Shrigley is the latest artist to take over the space this June, replacing the  previous concept designed by artist Martin Creed.  Shrigley’s installation at Sketch includes over 200 wall works and a custom 22-piece tableware set alongside interior designs by India Mahdavi.


Custom place cards.


Patrons enjoying tea amongst David Shrigley works on paper.


David Shrigley designed creamer…


….and matching tea cup.


Tea cakes by head chef Pierre Gagnaire.


Installation view of David Shrigley drawings.


Wednesday July 2, 2014

The Value of Art in Corporate Spaces: Public and Permanent Programming

Artsource is proud to have contributed to the Art + Real Estate issue of The View for the CREW Network SF.  Find our article ‘The Value of Art in Corporate Spaces: Public and Permanent Programming’ below or read the issue in its entirety here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.59.22 PM

Monday June 30, 2014

To Do List: July – August

Leonardo Drew, "Number 35S" and "Number 33S", 2014, wood.  Courtesy Anthony Meier Fine Arts.

Leonardo Drew, “Number 35S” and “Number 33S”, 2014, wood. Courtesy of Anthony Meier Fine Arts.

Ongoing through August 1st – Leonardo Drew at Anthony Meier Fine Arts: Featuring new works by New York based artist Leonardo Drew that are composed entirely from wood in a variety of scale and form.  The sculptures juxtapose white with black, clean lines with raw edges, and organic forms with organized grid lines. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Anthony Meier Fine Arts is located at 1969 California St, San Francisco.


Creative Crowth

Clockwise from top left: Laura Owens + Joseph Alef ‘Untitled (2014)’, Trisha Donnelly + John Mullins ‘Untitled (2014)’, Nate Lowman + William Scott ‘Untitled (2014)’ and Anne Collier + Barry Regan ‘Untitled (2014)’. Courtesy of Creative Growth.

July 9th – A Project for Creative Growth’s 40th Anniversary, 6:00 PM : For Creative Growth’s 40th Anniversary, artists Anne Collier, Trisha Donnelly, Chris Johanson, Nate Lowman and Laura Owens were invited by curator Matthew Higgs to create limited edition screenprints.  These screenprints were then further worked on  by over 100 Creative Growth artists to create new works that will be on view and for sale at the fundraiser.  Funds raised go to support Creative Growth,  an art center serving adult artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities by providing a professional studio environment for artistic development, gallery exhibition and representation and a social atmosphere among peers.  Tickets begin at $100 and can be purchased here. Creative Growth is located at 355 24th St, Oakland.


Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 4.10.57 PM

Attendees of the 2013 Monster Drawing Rally line up to purchase completed artwork. Courtesy of Southern Exposure.

July 11th – Southern Exposure’s Annual Monster Drawing Rally, 6:00 PM: Over 120 artists will work side by side at this exciting live drawing and fundraising event.  Viewers will be able to watch artists work and all pieces will be on sale at the rally for $60.  Music, dancing and curbside food will accompany the live drawing for a fun filled evening.  Funds raised go to support Southern Exposure,  an artist-centered non-profit organization committed to supporting visual artists. Tickets are $15 for Southern Exposure Members, $20 for the public and will be sold at the door.  The Monster Drawing Rally will be located at the Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa St, San Francisco.



Women playing mah jongg in the Catskills, c. 1960, courtesy of the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

July 13th – October 28th – Project Mah Jongg at the Contemporary Jewish Museum: Project Mah Jongg uses this historic game as a lens to look at the connection between Jewish and Chinese culture and  its impact on  identity, fashion and style, including artifacts such as scorecards, aprons, packages, tiles.  As part of the exhibition, every third Thursday the museum will host Jews for Dim Sum, where artist Imin Yeh and Blue Bottle pastry chef Leah Rosenberg will share stories as they roll out a limited edition screen printed mah jongg snack box, find out more details here. Museum hours are Friday – Tuesday from 11:00 am–5:00 pm and Thursdays from 11:00 am–8:00pm. The Contemporary Jewish Museum is located at 736 Mission Street, San Francisco. 


Fog Beast. Courtesy of Bay Area Now and Jessica Swanson.

July 18th – October 5th – Bay Area Now 7 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts:  The YBCA will be hosting the latest version of Bay Area Now, a triennal art exhibition.  This year, instead of individual artists, YBCA is featuring 15 Bay Area arts organizations who will be curating site-specific projects throughout the galleries and campus. For tickets, information and a full list of programming and events click here.  Regular YBCA hours are Thursday – Saturday from 12:00–8:00 pm and  Sunday from 12:00–6:00 pm.  An opening night party will be held Friday, July 18 from 8:00-11:00 PM in the YBCA Grand Lobby.  Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is located at 701 Mission St, San Francisco.