Wednesday January 5, 2011

From ArtBasel Miami: transformation, change and new beginnings

“Currently on view at the Bass Museum in Miami, Isaac Julien’s new nine-screen installation TEN THOUSAND WAVES features Maggie Cheung, Zhao Tao, Yang Fudong, and poems by Wang Ping as commissioned by Julien and was shot on location in China. The work poetically weaves together stories linking China’s ancient past and present. Through an architectural installation the work explores the movement of people across countries and continents and meditates on unfinished journeys.” –Isaac Julien

D9ff18a8Glass House, Prism (Ten Thousand Waves), 20102 Endura Ultra photographs 70.87 x 94.49 inches each

C55035bc Mazu, Silence (Ten Thousand Waves), 2010 Endura Ultra photograph 70.87 x 94.49 inches


LD #143 10514Leonardo DrewNumber 143, 2010Wood, paint25.75 x 28 x 12.5 inches

Leonardo Drew is interested in the cyclical nature of existence. While the work is made of detrius from everyday life, the result is formally abstract and aesthetically powerful compositions that transcend time in a celebration of the eternal.

LD #144 10516Leonardo Drew, Number 144, 2010, Wood, paint, 24 x 24 x 5.125 inches

Murad Khan Mumtaz, Ghost Nation I & II, 2010, opaque watercolor on prepared wasli paper

Pakistani artist Murad Khan Mumtaz’s alluring small works were made during a residency in Wyoming.  Mumtaz applied the ancient art of Persian miniature painting to ideas about the rapidly disappearing culture of the American Plains Indians.


BW-76-PH Bing WrightSilver on Mirror (Callahan), 2010archival inkjet print mounted on 4-ply rag board50 x 40 inches

In this series of work, photographer Bing Wright pays tribute to the central role of silver in the photographic printing process. Here, Wright memorializes silver and its alchemical magic as he abandons his darkroom for the digital world.

Silver_on_Mirror__Cartier-Bresson_ Bing Wright, Silver on Mirror (Cartier-Bresson), 2010, archival inkjet print mounted on 4-ply rag board, 50 x 40 inches




DR09-01 David Rabinowitch, Birth of Romanticism Drawings: Furnace of Affliction, 2008-9
Belgian linen collage, wax medium with pigment, metallic paint, colored pencil, oil paint, pencil, acrylic paint on paper
29 5/8 x 29 inches

David Rabinowitz is known for his powerful, minimalist sculpture which investigates space and perception.  In the 1970s with a nod to the eighteenth century Romanticism movement, Rabinowitch experiemnted with the fluidity of form through tonal variations in lithography.  This most recent body of work draws from both his 1970’s experiements as well as his sculptural practice.  These heavily worked, layered collages have a new sense of emotion and vitality.

DR10-26 David Rabinowitch, Birth of Romanticism Drawings: Untitled, 2010, oil pastel, charcoal, pencil, paper collage on handmade paper,
28 1/8 x 28 1/8 inches


Brad Miller, Bowl,  glazed porcelain, 15 inches x 4 inches deep

Always focusing on the beauty of the natural world, Brad Miller’s recent work draws from the his own photographs of bubbles on sheet film. He makes the thumb prints on the bowl like he has for some time, but then carves the edges when the bowl becomes leather hard.



Image002Ori Gersht, Night Fly, 2010, 47 1/4 x 70 3/4 inches

The cherry blossom holds significant meaning for the Japanese symbolizing life, death and rebirth. Gersht has a keen eye for the uniqueness of a particular landscape; when combined with technical mastery Gersht elevates the scene to a level unseen by the naked eye.  In this series of work, Gersht focused on the Imperial Palace in Tokyo using only ambient light and long exposures.