September Gallery Shows In New York

Some highlights for me were:


Cave bases these “soundsuits” on his body, each suit is so imaginative and exuberant,
but is also embedded with social relevance and a kind of poignancy.
There is a concurrent show at Jack Shainman Gallery.

Nick Cave at Mary Boone

Nick Cave at Mary Boone

Tabaimo at James Cohen is a great show.
From Cohen’s press release:
 “Tabaimo’s work offers an unblinking look at contemporary Japanese society as a mirror in which to view herself and other members of her generation caught in the crossfire of these societal shifts. Her works capture the anxiety that is a constant reality in a land whose terra firma is less than stable, while their tone remains abstract and detached. Recurring motifs, including cityscapes, interior spaces, hands, brains, hair, insects, plants and water, hover between the elegantly rendered and the disturbingly surreal.”

Tabaimo, danDAN (video Still), 2009

TABAIMO, BLOW, (Video Still), 2009


Very nice works on paper.  She works by layering pigment on a light colored ground,
the subjects of the work are contained in the unpainted portions.

Jutta Haeckel, Altitude, 2011, oil on paper



Really nice painting and works on paper, well worth the trip uptown.

Eva Lundsager, The Orange Line Stays, 2011, oil on linen



Karl Handel’s show at Harris Lieberman, entitled “Questions for My Father”  is
both moving and interesting.  David Byrne’s “Tight Spot”, a globe wedged under the High Line at
25th street, is compelling.                                                                                      tw

Thoughtful Sculpture in the UK

Having just returned from the UK, I thought I’d share a few things that have stuck with me.

The Elgin Marbles:

I haven’t seen them in years; their majestic nature is still profound and their presence here in England, complex. Standing in the British Museum among the throngs of visitors, one has to shut out the chaos in order to really enjoy and absorb these extraordinary sculptures.



The Yorkshire Sculpture Park:

Henry Moore - source: Yorkshire Sculpture Park





The Sculpture Park has a pretty good permanent collection; lots of Henry Moore.  The James Turrell, Deer Shelter Sky Space is an art experience that really makes you slow down and see.







Jaume Plensa - source: Yorkshire Sculpture Park

– TW